Software consultants
  • Software is our craft. We enjoy it, we it, we're proud of it.
  • We strive for technical excellence and have the know-how to achieve it.
  • Secure, reliable and scalable software makes for a relationship.
  • We find energy important when facing challenges, so we always bring it with us.
Business consultants
  • Bootstrapping a business idea or pivoting a project is when we come in.
  • Assisting with building a data lake is what we may do.
  • Establishing and coaching on the metrics is how we progress.
  • A realistic and analytical approach to success is what we deliver.

We free data

Data is not scary. Data is fun! We have significant experience with a lot of data storage engines at small, medium, and cluster scales. We understand scalability and can guide you to it. We can build your ETL pipeline or abstract your data access to an API.
  • sql
  • search
  • etl

We understand computing

We always work with performance and reliability in mind. We aren't afraid to pick the right tools for a job, to distribute the heavy load or to change the environment according to specific needs. Profiling performance is never an afterthought.
  • spark
  • hdfs
  • polyglot

We speak devops

Building a delivery pipeline, imrpoving on software environments, moving infrastructure to self-hosted/remote cloud solution is an opportunity for any business and a fun experience for the team! Ask us about the success stories.
  • docker
  • openstack
  • aws

We know metrics

The value of analytics for any business has grown, and so has the need to collect the correct metrics. We'll guide your business to the process of extracting the most from the information it currently has or help it to enlarge your dataset.
  • data-lake
  • analytics
  • metrics

We track industries

We have diverse industry experience and are very fast to accumulate and get up to speed on domain specific knowledge. We would gladly build models and research based on your specific needs!
  • models
  • r&d
  • markets

...Your project

We are never hesitant to embark on a new adventure with our partners. Call us or drop us a line, and we'll prompty get in touch and arrange a meeting to discover if we could work together!
  • custom
  • needs
  • not-scary
Boyan Bonev

Boyan Bonev

Technical lead

Having worked with a multitude of technologies since completing his CS degree at the start of the century, Boyan has grown into an expert in engineering and building application services and systems for technically minded people and wider audiences. In this role, he's the driving force behind a lot of our technology decisions.

Lubomir Varbanov

Lubomir Varbanov

Operations lead

Lubomir is our main domain analyst and operation lead. Having followed his entrepreneurship degree with hands on experience building software systems, he has acquired the rare quality of being able to reason about business concerns without forgetting the technical perspective and is always up to date on new developments in the wider IT world.

Yavor Uzunov

Yavor Uzunov

Business development

A participant in the CFA program and with close to 10 years of history at upper management positions in investment banking, business analysis and financial modeling, Yavor is the person that monitors our internal business development while staying available for concerns and advice for our partners.

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